The Applegate Family

The Applegate Family What a joy to be in a position to serve our mighty God! My beautiful wife Kristy has known me since we were 5 years old. At our wedding on July 31, 1999, Kristy proudly showcased a large photo of her angrily pinning me against the wall of our Christian school in 1st grade. I jokingly say it was the last time she was close to my height. Since the 8th grade I have had a strong desire for doing mission work outside the United States. Even though I went on several mission trips to Mexico, Cameroon, Hungary, and Uganda, it was not until January of 2005 that my wife and I moved to Uganda to begin our first full-time term on the mission field.

Through the strong support of our sending church, Liberty Hills Baptist Church; our mission board, Baptist International Missions Incorporated; and numerous other churches, we know many prayers are being raised to God on our behalf daily. We have seen God working through those prayers in the last 4 years. God has given us 5 beautiful children. Eliana, Elijah, Elexis, Elysse, and Ellora have made our lives exciting and full of adventure.
The Applegate family has been in Uganda since 2002. Their first experience was in the southern Ugandan city of Mbarara where they worked for 10 months maintaining the work of a missionary who was on furlough. During the 10 months, the Lord burdened the hearts of Tony and Kristy to return to Uganda as permanent missionaries. In January of 2005 the Applegates returned to Uganda to work with Keith Stensaas and family in Masaka, a city 2 hours northeast of Mbarara.

In 2012 Tony and Kristy moved to a village called Mbira, Uganda, where they are helping Pastor John Jones Kalanzi with developing Mbira Baptist Church. They are looking forward to seeing how God is going to use the 80 orphans and 70 community children attending the Christian school in Mbira.